1. My “Blog for Choice”


    Yup, that’s right. I am blogging for choice. I’m not saying much because everyone gets this “choice.” Let’s not dance around the subject. 

    I support pro-choice organizations and have always (and will always) defend that “choice.”

    • No one just loooooooves abortion, hell no. However, having a “choice,” means you can choose your own life’s direction - whether that’s parenthood or not. 
    • I can only see things through my eyes and my own experiences. I respect that people have different circumstances and viewpoints, and I believe people have their own reasons for making the “choice” that is best for them. 
    • One person is not the single cause of pregnancy. It is a couple, or maybe a family,  and they should have the “choice” to build their family as they see fit.
    • As a woman, as a medical patient - I should have the “choice” to do what my doctor and I think is best for me if a situation presents itself.
    • I own my body and my decisions. I can’t force you to go work out because I think it’s the right thing to do. Why would it be ok for someone to force me to have a baby because they think it’s the right thing for me to do? It’s all about “choice.” You have the choice to go work out or eat a large pizza, you know what is best for you - it’s your choice as to what you should do.
    • Birth control is a “choice” and I choose that so I don’t get pregnant. Much pro-life legislation would make birth control a difficult choice to make because it would make several forms of birth control illegal.
    • And most simply, if you don’t like abortion…DON’T go out and have one. Have that baby and give it up for adoption, you can choose what you want. It’s 2013, we can do pretty much whatever we want. 

    I could continue, I have multiple reasons for believing what I do. Abortion is something that should always be “safe, LEGAL, and rare.” If it weren’t legal, do you think that would stop someone from getting abortion? No! If it is legal, it can be provided safely. If it is illegal, there’s no reason it couldn’t be performed with a coat hanger or hacksaw. 

    Ok, I’m really done now. But seriously, pro-choice is the way to be. 

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